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HAPPY... Conjuring up African Good Vibes...


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HAPPY...Conjuring up African Good Vibes...

...Maybe... or Spirits Unknown...


@Mel Hopkins

WHEW! Mel Hopkins,

I just googled and checked out your book! Yites! Scary! 

I'm a PG kind of movie goer, but then, I love those kinds of stories!

Gracious PEace!. 


You've probably heard this youtube, I'm always late on things, but this is one of my all time favorite renditions of Pharrell Williams HAPPY PROJECT:


THE DANCE GROUP from Africa, Cote D'Ivoire.


Man! They made me feel like they conjured up spirits!!! It's hypnotic!

Your book seems like the Agatha Christie kind of mystery but African style.

I love Angela Lansbury shows. lol. especially the ones that she did on THE BIG EASY and 

the VOODOO mystery. My relatives are from that kind of stuff! LOL! 

This reminds me of a time my cousins put a voodoo doll in my Aunt's mailbox, ... she had a fit... they got a whoopin tht day

because in South carolina, that stuff is for real! Chicken feet in a pot and all...



HAPPY by Pharrell Williams

Cote D'voire Dance Troop







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2 hours ago, Chevdove said:

Your book seems like the Agatha Christie kind of mystery but African style.

I love Angela Lansbury shows. lol. especially the ones that she did on THE BIG EASY and 

the VOODOO mystery.


LOL!  Thank you!  I grew up reading and watching Agatha Christie mysteries.  I hated learning that one of her books was entitled The Ten little N-ers"    But Jessica B. Fletcher ? I want her life! LOL ... I remember when Netflix licensed Murder, She wrote ... I binged watched every episode - some twice.  Now, I fall asleep to her shows at night LOL! 

I love the performance! I don't know why I'm so weepy but I felt a bit nostalgic watching them perform.   It appears there are several tribes represented in the dance segments.   And one of those dance segments reminded me of the Djembe Nyabhingi drumming.  I wrote about it in my book as it marks the moment when one of the women becomes an Obeah High Priestess and possessed by the spirit of Nyabhingi   - 

According to some articles, women aren't allowed to play the djembe drums  ... but the first Djembe drummers were allegedly WOMEN.  The mythology allegedly traces it roots back to Women Warriors  defeating German colonist who were attempting to conquer Uganda ...



"The African warrior Queen Nyabinghi was believed to be the reincarnation of the Lioness Kemetic warrior goddess Sekhmet. Queen Nyabinghi was known for playing her powerful, mystical trance drum. Her Ugandan female followers, called bagiwas, were so fearsome in victory that the invading colonialists had them branded as witches performing rituals with the drum. The drum was eventually outlawed. The Nyabinghi rhythms of resistance have long played a major role in Rastafarian culture.

"… The drum is therefore a divine tool of the Supreme Being, a womb or beginning of created life."

The name Nyabinghi was a synonym for Sekhmet. Though the true details of her life has been subsumed in legends, Queen Nyabinghi was the archetypical Priestess-Queen of a province of Upper Kush (Ethiopia-Egypt), who rebelled against the oppressive life-denying evil regime which disrupted order and stability in the motherland through the instrumentality of foreign occupation, external manipulation and local collaboration. "   



As you can see, I was determined to let my daughters know who they are - and what black women really mean to this world.  I even found the names of the heroines of that are left out of the traditional scriptures ... Noah's wife... the wives of the sons  that were on the ark; Judith slaying General Holofernes  ... I  had to reference Talmud for that info... but these women figure into my story.   I find the old testament scriptures the greatest occult book ever written and it serves as a foundation to my novel.  The Testament of Solomon still scares me -  lol 

I'm considering re-editing my novel to be a bit more conventional in storytelling  and see if I can get a traditional publisher to release it this time.   If you'd like to read it - before the changes;  here's a link http://theleadstory.org/paperbacks/2755-2-paranormal-romance-excerpt/


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@Mel Hopkins


This is very interesting research. I have not heard of The African warrior Queen Nyabinghi.

I too, have done research on the wife of Noah, and the wives of the patriarchs as well, and the name of Judith, and the idol Sekhmet, the lioness idol. 

But my findings doesn't view them in the positive though.


However, you research about the positive aspect, it is refreshing!


The information about the conflict in Uganda and the Germans is amazing.


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