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[II] ] Hidden Behind Mockery: 
BLACK NAMES of Eurasia~ 





During my research, I recently stumbled across this term that became described as ‘an EXONYM’ meaning a term that was used by others to describe a certain people in the past. However, after more research, I have come to discover much more truths about this term than what has been clearly written today and also, this term in its’ origin would not necessarily be an exonym altogether. But at some point, this term PECHENEG not only became altered but it also became demeaning and perhaps that would be why it is not a common word used today here in America in this sense.

When I looked farther into the history about this term too, my conclusions are that what has been provided today completely clouds the whole truth. The fashion in which this term has been defined becomes a challenge to even summarize in script to reveal the wider scope and I believe that it would take a step-by-step process to unfold the complete truth based on also, a timeline to be included. So my first approach in making a summary of what I have learned would be to briefly offer my conclusive findings and then present the educational statements and references and then by-and-by unravel the confusion that has been so seemingly meticulously woven into script so as to render this kind of history in the form of a Byzantine plot.

So first of all, let me conclude quickly on one of the most glaring points overlooked in the historical rendition offered on the internet sources. Even though the PECHENEGS are defined to originate in the east, however, that would be a major false statement to the highest degree and this part-truth reveals that in the very least, this part of academia has been a deliberate intent to mislead—someone. Yes, historical proof does place the PECHENEGS in the east, but that would only be part of the truth:


The Pechenegs or Patzinaks [4] were a semi-nomadic Turkic people

 from Central Asia speaking the Pecheneg language which belonged 

tothe Oghuz branch of Turkic language family. [3]

Three of the ruling clans of the Pechenegs were the Kankalis/Kangli….


… The Hungarian word for Pecheneg is beseny. [6] … 



That statement could not be farther from the truth in just about every aspect, based on what I have uncovered. Some sources will abruptly reveal that today, that would be the very name used for the EAST EUROPEAN BALKAN COUNTRY [ANCIENT GREEK LANDS] we know today as BOSNIA! Yes. So no, the origin of the Pechenegs would definitely not be Central Asia. That would be a complete lie and a well planned statement made by many a scholars in our Western Civilization. Another deliberate false report about the PECHENEGS [ie CUMANS] would be that they are a Sunni Muslim people in origin; this would be a part-truth. In short, for the Pechenegs that did live in Central Asia, especially Mongolia, they were driven eastwards at a much more distant time from the west. They are not originally from Central Asia, but they are a Western people in origin and this would be a well known but hidden fact by scholars today. In fact, everything the Pechenegs of the east did, actually defined them for who they really are in origin.

Their Oghuz description would be based on their being enslaved much farther east at one point in time. But the Oghuz Branch became known as the Western Branch as they eventually broke off from the other Oghuz Huns of the far east. In fact the history of the Pechenegs is so vast, it would take time to even unfold. Nevertheless, the real hidden aspect, one that has been kept completely hidden would be that they defined themselves in every aspect too, as Hebrew Israelites. Yes, the term ‘PECHENEG’ stems from the root name BECHEN [ie. Becher, Bacharites...] which is written in the Bible during the days of Moses for the tribe of Joseph. Not only does this term define the Oghuz Turks in Mongolia, but it was common in BOSNIA and the whole of the BALKANS [ex. the Church of the Order of the PECS in East Europe]. But Sssssh! That is suppose to be a secret, A BLACKOUT from the minds of Black African people today:



a TURKOMAN WOMAN [TURKUMAN-- CUMAN--PECHENEG, etc.] the Cuman-Kypchak Turks.

The Oghuz Turks of Central Asia that came to form the Western Branch and that eventually marched into Byzantine Turkey Anatolia defined themselves as THE TEN ARROWS which would be a direct correlation to THE TEN TRIBES of Israel in the Bible days with their headquarters in SAMARIA after they broke off from King Solomon's son, and who lived in the Middle East prior to their overthrow in the 660s BC byway of the Assyrian Empire. So therefore, further reading through all of the confusion will reveal these little details about the Pecheneg Turkic Oghuz Hun people of Mongolia who later became more defined by their relatives who later joined them. So even though the term they would also used to describe themselves has been extremely suppressed, it too may resurface and become as common of a description as it was during their domination over much of Mongolia up through the Crusades. 

The script today can’t avoid all of their history because they stormed west into Turkey and East Europe with a rage; ABRAHAM, but therefore, they are called THE SELJUK EMPIRE in our history books. But indeed, they called themselves by their more ancestral name. they would answer to THE KERAITE EMPIRE [ie. KARAITE, or BLACKEMPIRE. They would be the very reason for the start of the Crusades. And yes, to say that they were defined as Muslims would be part truth, but the part that is left off, would be that they were varied due to hundreds of years of going into and out of captivity. And they did bond with their ABRAHAMITIC relatives, of ISLAM [ie. Ishmael & etc.]. Some of these Karaites remained of that religion while many of the Keraites became Christians. What’s the big deal? We still today, are confused about the true history that revolves around the Christian Movement, and that doesn’t make us non-African Americans. At any rate, to complete my brief summary now and to make it more binding, I will break down another deeply hidden aspect of the Pechenegs of the east and the West in East Europe. The founder of this Seljuk Empire, named SELJUK THE WARRIOR had four sons; namely, Moses, Israel, John and Michael and it would be from his sons sprung the Seljuk Turkish Empire. And from him came Alp Arslan. The symbolism of the great Alp Arslan who led a force of some say, a small force initially, of Hebrew Israelites, KARAITES, into Turkey Anatolia to fight against the massive Byzantine forces and the Crusaders was the same symbol used by the tribe of Judah in Biblical times and today in ETHIOPIA; THE LION; the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. That man was so mad about being attacked by the Crusaders that it was said he wore a white death shroud in front of his massive military force to inspire them to arms. The down side of this historical past though would be that it was definitely a Black-on-Black conflict as it was in the distant Trojan War in the same country--ARMAGEDDON. Yes, the Varangian guards were amongst the Byzantines and many other kinds of people were on both sides, but it was definitely a Black-on-Black aggression; like the Biblical King David versus the Philistines. Unfortunately, we are many times all somewhat related but yet, we fight for the cause of someone else’s interest. 

The Byzantines were in conflict over the Catholic idols and the Seljuk Turks were in conflict, still over their stance in who Jesus really was when he walked the earth. And all the while, they were being scripted, the spellings of their names altered so as to wipe them out of history. The name of Moses became Musa, Michael became Mikel, John or Jonah became Yunus, and another common name amongst these Seljuks was Solomon which became Suleiman, and Israel became Izrail. LOL. Meanwhile, many of us over hear on the other side of the waters don’t even believe the Israelites even existed… mission to deceive accomplished. Nevertheless, the Seljuk Empire was for real! --- until that is, Daniel’s prophecy about ‘the abomination of desolation became a reality’. Then the Black African men, whether they were Muslim, Saracens, Huns, or Seljuks, or called themselves Karaites, Cumans, or Pechenegs; their dead bodies were piled up in heaps as fallen victims of the cannons. – Cannons, though, were mostly used byway of their lighter skinned Hebrew Israelite brothers, tricked and deceived into being on the other side of the cannons, on the other side of the deception and on the frontlines in the Genocidal attempt to wipe the Black men off the map. – THE GOLDEN HORDE. Kip Kip Kip…. Kipchaks… Oh there is so much more hidden history to be resurfaced!

Seljuk (Warlord)
... In 985, the Seljuq clan split off from the bulk of 
the Tokuz-Oghuz, [1] a confederacy of nine clans long 
settled between the Aral and Caspian Seas. [2] ….

The names of his four sons—
Mikail (Michael),

Israil (Israel), Musa (Moses), and Yunus (Jonah) 

suggest … According to some sources, Seljuk began his career 
as an officer in the Khazar army. [6]



*My Note: another Byzatine puzzle once unfolded will be obvious that the Khazarites were connected to the HAZARS of the ancient

Assyrian Empire... absolutely nothing to do with Father Abrahams people! LOL! They spoke completely different dialects in the Crimea.

Okay. It's time for me to publish... smh. 





Alp Arslan


Edited by Chevdove
correction; a small Turkish force

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