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harry brown

Black Male And. Relationships!!

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Young   Black. Males   ,Having. Relationships. With. Women. And. Their,Fathers. If. They. Are. Raised. In. A. Home. Where. Females ,Are. Respected,They. Might. Respect. Females,If. Not. ,They. Might. Be. Pimps,  Prostitute  Teenage  Girls   In  The  Streets.  Domestic   Violence,In  Their  Home  ,They Might   Beat  Up Females.  Absent,Fathers,They  May  Become  Absent  Non  Caring  Fathers....It,Maybe  Difficult  To  Give  Love  If  You  Did  Not  Receive,It. ..The,,,,NAACP,,,Churches,,,,Black  Politicians,,Should  Mentor. Black. Boys,Before. They. Get. To. High School.  If. They. Can. Find. Time. To,Get. Votes,  They. Can. Make. Time. To. Mentor. Black. Children,Especially. Black. Boys....Church. Is. Pimp   Houses. And,Slave,Cabins.....Preachers. Beat . Their. Wives,3. Preachers. In. Prison,For. Killing. Their. Wives,1. Killed. His. Exwife   Inside. The,Church..Why. Is. This. Tolerated????...

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It's tolerated because too many AfroAmericans still refuse to think for themselves.

For centuries AfroAmericans have been forced into the Monogamous Nuclear Family structure because the dominant family structure of the Caucasian slave masters and colonizers but CLEARLY this doesn't work for most of us and it has led to failure, disappointement, and down right embarassment.

In Africa it's common and the norm for Black men and women....even a Black man with several women...to get married in their teens and STAY married all the way up into their 70s and 80s until one of them dies.
But that's because in Africa we still have OUR system and ways of marriage and family structure that has lasted for thousands of years.

In the United States and through out Latin America however MOST Black men and women don't even both getting married anymore, and of the ones who do most end up getting separate or divorced.
Clearly this system isn't working for us and it's SILLY for people to continue to hold on a system that doesn't work for them.

If it works for White people....let them have it.
They can walk around holding hands and licking icecream together until old age.
But WE need to stop trying to imitate them and do what works for US.


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