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Has Anyone Seen BlacKkKlansman?

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I haven't seen it yet but I plan on it.

I have to admit, they've been making some REALLY good Black-themed movies these past few years.
I think D'Jango Unchained by Tarantino kinda put AfroAmerican directors and producers on the hop.

Made them say if a White man can make a Black movies this good.....WE should be able to.
I've seen Get Out, Detroit, Black Panther, and a few others I've forgotten for the moment and they've all been good.

Also I've been keeping up with the new television show "Black Lightening" which has been REALLY good!
It's so good, I'm suprised they allow it on network television...lol.
In the past they used to keep good Black shows on cable and make you pay to see them.

But there's little doubt in my mind that THIS Spike Lee Joint will be a great one.

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