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Grammy Telecast recap

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Move over Angelina and Brad. Beyonce and Jay-Z are the new #1 power couple of the entertainment industry. And Beyonce did it without adopting a trio of mutants from another planet. She married one instead.

And Bey might've won the most awards at the Grammy telecast, but that "drill" she didn't "put a ring on" couldn't compare with Pink's near-nude acrobatic "circus act" which stole the show.

And where was Kanye West when we needed him? Taylor Swift has to be the most overrated talent around. She's as boring as Lady GaGa is bizarre.

Heidi Klum and her spouse looked like the Little Mermaid and her pet Seal. Nicole Kidman and her hubby looked like a blond Snow White and one of her dwarfs.

Jennifer Hudson needs a new hair stylist, and Rihanna needs a personality transplant. Who was the kid she lugged to the mike with her. A love child she's been keeping a secret?

Wonder if that "big fat black girl" dancing on the stage with the Rappers is a sign that all of the "Preciouses" of the world are going to get their day in the sun ala, Biggy Smalls. Justice is served - along with chicken and bisquits and mashed potatoes.

Michael Jacksons' kids are already showing signs of loving the spotlight. Too bad they can't speak without stumbling over their words. They were almost as bad as Wicliffe Jean.

I thought Lil Wayne was in jail but there he was running around the stage like he had "warrants", all the while having his lyrics bleeped.

And who was Jamie Foxx spoofing in his Napoleon outfit? To his credit, he did appear to have had too much Ak-ak-ak-ak-akohol. Thank goodness, "Slash" and his guitar showed up.

OK, this is your pop culture vulture signing off for now... B)

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Very funny, vintage Cynique.

I think that was Emanuel Lewis Rihanna brought on stage with her.

I watched a small portion of this year's grammys. These shows do nothing for me. I'm jaded. I admit it. I went to a party over the weekend. A go-go band performed they were pretty good. Are there any good bands any more...?

But seriously, is Beyonce is truly heads and shoulders above the other talent that is recording today? Does this mean Beyonce is THAT great or is everything else out there so weak, or both?

If I hear Pretty Wings again I'm shoot someone! Are there any male vocalists with masculine voices like, Teddie P.?

I thought something was wrong wth the TV during the Lil' Wayne performance. It would have been better if they actually used the "bleep" instead of me trying to figure out what was up with the audio.

I'm going to watch get off the PC and go watch Sicko.

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