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Visiting Africa

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Has anyone noticed how the main stream media has GONE BACK to speaking of the of Africa in broad and general terms as if it's a country rather than a continent with a diversity of different countries and cultures?

Whether they're talking about the recent trip Melania took or talking about an international event they are starting to say "Africa" more and more without specifying exactly what nation in Africa they're speaking about.
The only time they give an African nation respect're doing it is when they're talking about NORTH African nations like Lybia or Egypt.

Infact, on CBS one of the reporters spoke about her trip to Africa AND Egypt!

They don't give the different African nations their unique cultural respect like they give Europe's nations of Italy, Germany, and Russia and their cultures and histories.

This isn't suprising obviously, we've had discussions before about how Egypt and Lybia aren't recognized as part of Africa by so many, but what is a bit suprising as how this ignorance seems to be making a comeback.

They're also starting to GO BACK to portraying "Africa" as a one big zoo full of safaris and wild animals and neglecting to show the major cities and growing technology there

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Well the African Nations are an artificial constructs created by Europeans a little over a century ago, with zero consideration for the cultures present, when they carved up the continent up for themselves.  The national boundaries are their invention, so they can talk about amongst themselves anyway they choose and they do.


They put Egypt (Kemet) outside of Africa (Alkebulan) long ago. They had to remove the great technological achievement from being associated with Black people.


Why do you listen to what Melania was doing over there anyway? Again, this is just white people talking amongst themselves -- I guess to make themselves think this first family is not the complete freaking dysfunctional disaster that it is...

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