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What holds it together?

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@Delano WHEW! That is High Science and way beyond my understanding! -- Or, is it DEEP Science!? One part reads, 


"Most of it is made up of material from the dark side, the side we cannot yet see.”


Okay, so here, it reads that we, 'humans' are not made up of spectacular 'stuff' and that the better material are way beyond our galaxy!? 


"… In fact, after 20 years of searching – and the investment of tens of millions of pounds –

not a single Wimp has ever been detected, either at Cern or in underground detectors

built in Britain, Europe and the US."


That is a lot of 'pounds' or money!-- in the search for a better understanding of 'Wimps'.


"…Theorists came up with the idea that invisible dark matter must be providing

the mass that gives galaxies their gravitational force, which has since been born

out by other observations."


Very interesting! You know, I guess it would be a good timing to have this 'Dark Matter Day' on Halloween because of the very mystery of 'life itself' and 'Death'. Still after thousands and thousands of years, the mystery of how we came to be and what happens after we die is still a great wonder. However, IMO, there is 'Intelligent Design', ... very intelligent design and so far, no man can explain completely. No one can completely define how our SUN came to be. 


Thank you for posting! Very informative. 


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