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Queen of Zazzau (Afrocentric Books)

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CONTACT:   Jem McBride

E-MAIL :      info@afrocentricbooks.com


When gods bicker like mortals …

“We bicker for much higher stakes.”  — The God of War (Queen of Zazzau)


4-Stars “One very fiery female warrior riding into battle and standing strong in the heat of combat.”  NetGalley Reviews

5-Stars A smashing tale of war, love, magic and gods, with seriously strong female characters.”  Ragdoll Reads, UK


APEX, N.C. — J.S. Emuakpor’s debut novel, set in precolonial West Africa against a backdrop of gods and magic, chronicles the journey of a real-life West African queen, Amina of Zazzau.


Queen of Zazzau opens with Amina’s first real look at the ravages of war. With foreign invasion imminent, she must defend her people, but doing so could signal a disastrous cascade of prophesied events.

J.S. Emuakpor spins this tale with bold prose and vivid imagery. Introducing a pantheon of West African gods, she plunges the reader deep into the lifestyles and cultures of the precolonial era.


A remarkably talented first novel, Queen of Zazzau takes place during the waning of the Songhai Empire. A time when the Kanem-Bornu still dominate a vast swath of the African continent and smaller kingdoms are rising to prominence through conquest and expansion.

Fiercely determined, Amina and her people will not be conquered. To take control of her destiny, she journeys to the spirit world and tracks down the God of War. But can she defy the prophesy or is her future already written?


Queen of Zazzau, told in the crisp voice of Amina herself, is a refreshing change from the male-hero dominated world of science fiction and fantasy. This character-driven tale, with its strong female protagonist, its strong female secondary characters, and its brazenly Afrocentric theme, addresses a woeful lack of diversity in speculative fiction.


About the author

J.S. Emuakpor was born and raised in West Africa. She currently lives in North Carolina. Her stories have appeared in short story anthologies, including AfroMyth: A Fantasy Collection. Her writing draws upon the spiritual beliefs, cultures and oral traditions of her native land. You can find her at www.jsemuakpor.com.


About the publisher

Afrocentric Books is an imprint of Mugwump Press, LLC, an independent publisher of literary fiction. Established in 2015, this imprint offers original works of fiction featuring at least one main character of indigenous African descent, with a focus on Speculative Fiction. Learn more at www.afrocentricbooks.com.





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