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Facebook is Even Shittier Than I Thought

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"After examining 34 popular Android apps, PI found about 60% automatically transferred data to Facebook the moment users open the app. “This happens whether people have a Facebook account or not, or whether they are logged into Facebook or not,” PI notes in a new report [by the NY Times]."


The Times’s investigation reveals that Facebook continued to give huge tech companies, including Microsoft and Amazon, access to much more: the data of hundreds of millions of people a month, including email addresses and phone numbers — without users’ knowledge or consent.


Fu*k Zuck


Facebook allowed Microsoft’s Bing search engine to see the names of virtually all Facebook users’ friends without consent, the records show, and gave Netflix and Spotify the ability to read Facebook users’ private messages.



I deleted my account a few months ago, but there is apparently no place to hide from the vultures at Facebook, who are hell bent on collecting your most intimate details of how to engage with the web including your private messages for profit.


Sure Facebook has been getting beat up in the markets recently, but why nothing of consequence is being done is alarming.


Meanwhile our largest platforms like Black Enterprise continually extol the "virtues" of Facebook, as if they were on Facebook's payroll, with articles this year like:


  • "The Broke Black Girl: How a Facebook Group Became A Financial Movement for African American Women"
  • "Boutique Owner Has Success With QVC-Like, ‘Sparkle’ Parties on Facebook"
  • "Get in on Facebook’s New Program to Teach Girls and Children of Color Hands-on Coding"
  • "Facebook Makes It Easier Than Ever For You to Vote"


Facebook, "...A Financial Movement for African American Women..." My God, this is sickening!


Black Enterprise's only critical "coverage" includes reporting on a NY Times article; "...Russian trolls used Facebook to encourage African Americans not to participate in the pivotal presidential election, reports The New York Times."  


Instead their resources go toward uplifting and advancing Facebook. Of course this comes at the expense of uplifting Black owned companies. 


But Black Enterprise is not unique. I see nothing generated by Black media critical of Facebook.  So we will continue to exploited... what else is new in America?

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