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African American Literature Starts With the Slave Narrative

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African American Literature Begins with the Slave Narrative


This is the an article written by one of AALBC's interns.  The primary purpose is to provide educational opportunities to students and relate information to readers interested in Back culture.  A secondary purpose is to improve AALBC's ranking in search for the term "African American Literature,"  so that more people are able to find this information.


AALBC ranking for African American LiteratureAALBC has been lagging in search engine ranking for the term all of last year.  It is not a particularly popular search but during Black history month there is increased interest.  In any event, given the site's focus and relative competition, it is a term AALBC should, in my opinion, rank such that it appears on the first page of search results (in the top 10). Right now AALBC is averaging a rank of 13 and heading with a downward trend. 


A rank of 13 means the site is almost undiscovered by people searching on the term "African American Literature."


In my first round of edits I edited the article with SEO in mind. I considered things like keyword inclusion, in terms of density (not too many occurrences), use in meta tags, alt tags for images and all kinds of stuff readers and writers don't care about, but that webmasters anguish over.


Most importantly it is also why we don't have many websites dedicated to Black literature created by people with a love and understanding of the form.


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