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Read. Online. Insane. Bible. Scriptures.  Ephesians 6:5/Says,Slaves. ,Should,Obey. Their. Earthly. Masters. With. Fear,And. With. A,Sincere,Heart,As  They  Would  Christ...Listen  To  This,Children  ,Of,Slave  Owners,Can  Enslave  And  Own.  Children  Of  The,Slaves,Their  Father ,The  Slave  Owner. Owned.  Descendants,Of,Slave  Owners, Can  Enslave  The  Descendants  ,,Of,Slaves. This   In   Leviticus 25:45-46! This  The  Racist  ,White,Christian. ,Racist  White  Man  Justification  For  Slavery, And,Continuing. The. Enslavement.  Question. ,Did. Dr.  Martin-Luther-King,  Ever. Preach. This?  Was. Nat. Turner  Wrong. For. ,Organizing,A,Rebellion?  Was. Harriet. Tubman   Wrong. For. Leading ,Slaves. Away. From.  Bondage. Within. The. Underground. Railroad??Question.  For. The.Black. Christian. Bible. Readers..  Why. Are. ,Black,People. Christian,Some. Black. People. Wonder...Africans, ,In,African. Have. Excepted. ,White. America. Christian. Religion.  .Amazing... ..

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The Old Testament is pretty much a play book for the Caucasians who came down out of the mountains (mythologized in Noah and the "Flood") on how to conquer and the rule over the Black civilizations they came into contact with.

Genocide and slavery was their M.O.

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