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Time is running into time. I am not sure if it is running in or out. I know It is moving as I am trying to get in but I think it is trying to leave me. Flashes of light pass me by, we sit quietly on the side lines trying to be polite. We think about the run but we fear the fight, and quite frankly we must understand that somethings are worth fighting for, and sometime we just need to face the fact that there is too much damage to repair and too much hurt to ignore. Gluttons for punishment, we describe what we see when we return to the scars barely able to breath, exhale, rapid breathing till your pale in the face, nowhere to run because time left you, you can’t win the race against time, she invited you, warned you, said keep up the pace, but you alas thought the short cut would give you the advantage today, but time and today have never been friends, time leaves day when the night begins, she doesn’t seem to stop to greet any of them, she just keeps moving with laughter as each moment ends. Time, hey time can I come to, I yelled why’d you invite me on this journey with you, and I guess it was to learn not to be so serious with time, it’s constant but there are instances that you have to get past that fine line, that fine line that has you questioning how long she’ll stay, has you reviewing regret, has you searching when you just need to pray, Time please slow down I beg these days, and when I was young I wasted you so, not weighting the cost and you don’t loop around for anyone once you’ve move pasted the moment the chance has been lost, and taking for granted something you think you have, something you can’t see but you can feel as it goes past, an essence that at time seems a friend but at others an enemy to the very end, time can be caution and sneak right in and other time it moves like the wind, a gust, a storm, a cloud moving in laughter like thunder and silence like the whispers that flicker in the embers of fire, time described for a journey to begin, Time I am ready Please let me in!




I will be on Time…….. Prayed up

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