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Coal, the doorway to the soul

It only takes one match to ignites an infernos glow

What is done is done to reach the fanatical domicile that fear controls

What is left behind but ash like cinders that embrace the wind as it blows to and fro

Kindling the energy that fuels and intensifies.

Dry resources the catalyst that leave nothing to compromise.  

Yet it is essential to contain the flames that blazes red dancing blue and gold in contrast to the jumping embers

Yes there is beautiful in the mist of the scorch as it lay waste to unopened gifts that are the hangman’s noose called out as remorse

Caution made friends with a destructive moment where the burn left eternal marks as evidence that cleanse the smoke cloud filled by memories that took the flicker by surprise

Harmless is distant when escape is the seat that captivates with allure as the destructive purge that is the melody of the scald that had he mesmerized.

The heat came only to wake she up, the choke from the smoke was but a signal to his dreams to please stand up.

The cravings are courage-burning sleep to the ground and the spirit came to filter out doubt, your visions are calling you out, it is amidst the burn that the diamond is actually brought out.


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