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The weaker vessel.


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The bible says females are the weaker vessel.

My husband is 6'3, big dude. Yes at 5’6, I am weaker in many ways.

I submit to his needs because I love him.

I love all of him.

His ups downs and side way exchanges.

I love this man.

So let me put this out there so you can understand.

See I am his coach.

He is my quarterback.

I got his playbook.

I stand on the sideline,

Stepping up to the field when needed, but in the safety of the secure locker room that tackle is on me, or on that field in practice we run those plays.

I am just as important but I am not getting on that field.

I am his cheerleader when needed I am the one that will tighten his gears.

I always and forever am watching his back.

Just because I will not always be seen, what is important is he knows, where I am at.  

I will pull him off the field in the mist of the game in my submissive way.

I do not have to say a word, one raised eyebrow and I can break this man down, it will not make a move unless I have had my say.

There is an art to it all, and submission has its place.

He is my head but I own his heart.

Being submissive is learning to play with submission as the God like deity that makes real femininity a true work of art.

Do not get it twist doors are opened.

I walk on the inside of the street.

He pulls out chairs and orders when we eat.

He is my man.

My king, the man I adore and if stroking his ego makes him smile, I will do it in front of the entire world.

Being submissive doesn't make you weak.

It allow boys to become man that girl’s mommas want to meet.

They have a responsibility just as we do.

Yet his responsibility has little to do with you.

It takes pure strength to do what God tells you too.

This direction comes from God and yet stands true.

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Nice poem from an old school sister. I was born when these roles were seemingly universal.


In some quarters today women are viewed as equal to men. This is a mistake as we are clearly different.


The bible says women are the weaker vessel. I didnt know that, but i wonder what that means? It does not sound good for women...


Obviously the average woman is physically weaker than the average man, but one could argue they are mentally stronger... 


The rules for males/female relationships have and are changing. This poem reminds me of thus change. I'm not sure if the changes are all for the better or just different to what I was accustomed to.

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When we can compare oranges to apples we can rightfully compare women to men and it's not bad for women.


The problem began when women not knowing her role tried to step into his role. 


Women seek men stronger physically, but to compliment the man she maybe wiser it is how we even one another out. 


It one of the mysteries women are trying to figure out.  

Honor Your Wife as the Weaker Vessel

1 Peter 3:7, Part 2

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