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Afro-Latino vs. Afro-American

Guest LKC1218

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Guest LKC1218

Hey everybody! I thought that this topic that I brought up would be a good discussion topic since a lot of Black Americans and Black Latinos have been discussing how they identify themselves as well as others that are apart of the African diaspora. I did a video on YouTube video; which is posted below; a while back discussing this topic and how the Black American and the Black Latino community are not as equal as we all would probably favor it to be. I would like to know what do you guys think. 


My video: https://youtu.be/3N9IfKEjVdY

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Interesting topic.

I think one of the problems is the media and how it likes to stereotype people and especially racial groups as "looking" a certain way.
I've seen Puerto Ricans as White as Celine Dion and as Black as Wesley Snipes, but when you look at the ones who end up on television they have the Alexandria O Cortez/ Jennifer Lopez look.....basically a Caucasian with a little bit of color mixed in with them.

Believe it or not I've actually thought about this subject quite seriously and how it impacts AfroAmericans. As a kid growing up we had both Puerto Ricans and Mexicans but the majority of Latinos were Puerto Ricans who obvioiusly were more African and like us. But as I got older and moved away and would go back and forth to Detroit I saw how the Mexican population (many of them illegal) started slowly eclipsing and out numbering the Puerto Rican population in the city. This was no accident. I think the government purposely pick and chose the TYPE of Latinos they want to come to this nation and they make sure there as little connection between them and us as possible.   They wanted more Mexicans in this nation because unlike the Puerto Ricans who tended to associate closer with AfroAmericans in terms of dress, food, music, and other characteristics - most Mexicans and other Central Americans have no African ancestry or connection with us, don't care about voting or Civil Rights (except their own) and just want to work for Caucasians under any conditions.
Not all obviously, but too many have this mentality.   

I believe we should get involved much more in the immigration process of this nation to ensure more Latinos who look like us....AfroAmericans....are coming here.
This means more Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Brazilians, and Hatians.
But before they come we must make sure they have a proper understanding of who they will align with. We need more allies, not more enemies who will just side with racists.

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