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Amazon Sells Bootleg Books and Trash — Literally​​​​​​​!


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Amazon as been selling bootleg books for as long as I can remember, but the idea that they allow 3rd parties to sell trash as new under the Amazon brand is disgusting.


You Might Be Buying Trash on Amazon—Literally 
Wall Street Journal Article, December 19, 2019


One publisher describes how they bought 34 of its books from Amazon and Amazon’s third-party sellers. At least 30 were counterfeits!
New York Times Article, June 23, 2019


If I did any of the above I would be thrown under the jail.





The tide a turning regarding public sentiment of Amazon. Everyday there is another article revealing Amazon's shady business practices.


When I stopped selling books as an Amazon affiliate my book sales went up -- way up!  I'm certain this would not have happened just two years ago.  Today I'm getting more order and larger book orders. Yesterday someone purchased 100  (different books) in a single order! That never happened when I dealt with Amazon. I've been told more than once by a customer who said that they are happy to buy books from me now that I don't use Amazon.


While our government serves as Amazon's hand maiden, it seems that the people are beginning to reject Amazon.






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While our government serves as Amazon's hand maiden

Some have argued that Facism officially begins with the merger of governments and the mega-corporations who buy into and influence them.

Clearly when you have major public necessities like transporation, communications, and energy supplies being owned by private entities like Amtrack/United Airlines, Sprint/Verizon, and PG&E instead of the government itself.....one has to wonder how long it will be before the postal service is replaced by Amazon and UPS.


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Well Amazon has already begun to replace the USPS.  You see the trucks and vans everywhere now. 


Since I've been selling books directly I use the USPS daily and can't imagine a world where I have to pay Amazon to ship something.  Actually I can image it... When Amazon produces a book for a self-published author, Amazon also makes it impossible for another bookseller to sell that book for a profit.


When Amazon controls shipping they'll make it difficult to ship products that they have not produced or somehow have their greedy hand in.




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