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Kobe Bryant. Was. A. All. Time. Great. He Was. A. Loving. ,Devoted,Father.  Saw On. The. News,Lebron James,Dwayne -Wade,Magic Johnson. In  Tears.. Kobe   Bryant Daughter ,Died,With,Him.... She  Was  Talent  Like Her Father  ,With  A Lot ,Of,Inner  Strength  . . Kobe  Bryant Supported  Women ,Basketball... He,Was  Of  The   Best .  His  Death  A  Great  Lost!.  From  A  ,Beloved,Black  Athlete  Kobe Bryant  ,To   Patrick Maholnes -A Idiot.Chiefs Quarterback  Patrick  Maholmes  Supported  George-Zimmerman,Murdering. Trayvon  Martin,I. Read.. Patrick Maholmes Is,Biracial ,Did. His. Black Father Raise. Him. To. Hate. Black. People??  Does. Patrick. Maholmes   Glad. He Do Not. Have. Dark Skin ,Like ,,Trayvin Martin?  I. Wish. San Francisco  Defense. Would,Slam , Him. Into. The,Groud. In Every Play. In  The. Super. Bowl.  Chiefs. Win. Super-Bowl,  Patrick. Maholnes   Would. Joyfully. Crawl To. The. White House,To. See. Trump...San Francisco. Defense Need To. Try. To. Take,Patrick. Maholnes   Out!!.

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I (and I'm sure a few others) was trying to avoid the topic but - perhaps it's best to give Harry's thread some respect, less people see that nothing was said and get the wrong message about how most of us actually feel about the incident.

R.I.P. to my brother and his daughter.
I hope the rest of his family who are still among us find peace and contentment.


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