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We know many Black heroes. But what about some of our lesser known ones?

Like Quentin DiGiorno, the son of Hannibal, who was born in Italy after his father crossed the Alps. Quentin married a local woman and they had a boy, Jaquan Chilliteef, who later moved to Florence and invented ice cream.


Leroy Svenson, who managed to explore part of the Nordic region in 829 B.C. with just four reindeer, two backpacks and a cold pizza. And don't forget Moses Groeper, an 18th Century  Briton famous for inventing shoes with newfangled rubber soles. These allowed him to tip toe behind London women and touch their buttocks. He was arrested and jailed. But his footwear became forever known as "Sneak Hers."

Toby Huddfucker, a guard at a Okonoke Penitentiary in Odgen, N.C., between 1829 and 1844 is history's first reported rapper. "Yessir, ole Toby liked to rap," recalled Frank Miner, who was jailed for stealing.... "Any time we'd get out line. Toby would grab his baton and rap us right across the head with it. That boy sure was a rapper."

In 1901, Laudybee Langston crossed the Gobi Desert in search of a decent bucket of fried chicken. In his memoirs, Langston said the Mongolian chicken was tasty, but the fries were salty. Langston disappeared on a quest to find the fabled fountain of Colt 45 Malt Liquor.

And you know we were the first to climb Mount Everest.



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Troy, I wrote this a couple of years qago and posted iit n a Black forum on FB. I write my own material. A lot of people enjoy my work so they copy it. 

Are you the only person who did not realize they are a joke? 


I should tell you that I am a retired Senior News Editor with 26 years in the news industry. I also taught Writing and Literature in business colleges for five years. 

Every once in a while, I come up with a funny. 


Trump McConnell 2.jpg

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Oh OK @Stefan I'm a little skittish when it comes to jokes like this. Over the years a troll periodically swings through here; he starts out normally, by posting a few jokes poking seemingly innocent fun at Black people. After I let my guard down he goes full on racist and pornographic.


We've had a kind of wile e coyote  road runner relationship. Today I can quickly clean this up, in the old days it was a real pain in the a-s.


I can see where some people would not get the jokes. Americans are so lacking in Bkack history, we are liable to believe these stories.

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