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Startup-Preneurs: Start an Online Business

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The traditional job market is changing and other earning opportunities are becoming more popular, such as work-at-home, entrepreneurship, and freelancing. And many traditional businesses have taken advantage of the Internet to operate more efficiently.

You can take advantage of both opportunities and start your own online business. And if you do not have the expertise to set it up and get started, we will do all the backend work for you so you can just start earning money. Choose from one of the following business ideas below:


  • Marketplace - Open an online store and rent out space to others
  • Booking service - Have customers sign up and pay for the service you provide
  • Buy and sell - Set up an auction-like business. Think eBay.
  • Sell property - Sell either cars, homes or rentals and other big-ticket items
  • Education - Start an online school or technical course
  • Church - Start an online church
  • Club - Start an online club for whatever your interest: books, support groups, etc.
  • Courier - Take orders for delivering packages, supplies, or documents
  • Dating - Start an online dating service
  • Freelancing - Open a platform for writers and other freelancers
  • Event management - Set up events and take online bookings
  • File transfer/downloads - Offer a download or file service
  • Fundraising/crowdfunding - Help others start raising money
  • Hotel/BnB - Book vacations for people looking for rooms


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