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Atlanta Nurse Launches Steamy Romance Novel on Amazon

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Atlanta Nurse Launches Steamy Romance Novel on Amazon


ATLANTA, GA (May 21, 2020- Fans of Romance novels are in for the ride of their life following the launch of the book, Men in My Bed: Relationship Chronicles, written by Atlanta Nurse, Mercuries Ryzen.


Men in My Bed reflects on the author’s perception of intimate stories, either heard from family, friends or foes. The story begins with an introduction of the character and some of the ordeals she experiences at an early age. Ordeals that should have finished her; however, she somehow manages to cope by repressing her experiences.  But the problem is that the memories keep resurfacing because she has not dealt with them properly.


Ryzen is a LPN Licenced Practical Nurse currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology.  The author evidently taps into her psychology training highlighting defence mechanisms such as repression and denial and the impact they can have when feelings are not resolved. 


When asked about the motivation for writing the book, Ryzen explained: “I wanted to encourage readers that although we may have a man, or two, or three in our life. There could be unpredictable turnouts, such as none of them measuring up, younger or older, and playing games, mentally challenged. Therefore, we have to have the tools necessary to successfully put the pieces together to navigate and build our desired man.”


Men in My Bed: Relationship Chronicles is not the typical happily ever after romance novel. This one is full of pain, loads of laughter and enough pleasure to engage readers from start to finish.  The book is available in Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon.com. To learn more about the author visit: http://mercuriesryzen.com/


Media contact: Pure Thoughts Publishing, LLC

Phone: 470-440-0875

Email: purethoughtspublishllc@gmail.com

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