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Amazon stands in solidarity with the Black community

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Amazon has stooped to a new low by making this claim.  To make matters FAR worse, they have the unmitigated gall to fly the Black Liberation Flag in one of their corporate offices!


amazon pimping black people.jpg


This is outrageous! When I saw this photo on Amazon's site (despite Boycotting Amazon I visit periodically to see what Amazon is doing with Ibram's book).  Amazon is the antithesis of Black liberation which is what this flag represents.


I have not taken out an ad on Twitter in years, but I took one out today -- just to highlight Amazon's hypocrisy (we will see how that works out). 


Sure Amazon gave out $10 million to some civil rights organizations -- which is the financial equivalent of you or I giving away penny, which we stole from the collection plate at church.


Go to hell Amazon. 

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Face it Troy.....Black Power is "in" now!

Take a look at Congress  all Kente clothed out!
Democrats push long-shot reform bill that stops short of defunding ...


I wouldn't be surprised if I turned on CNN and saw Don Lemon or even Wolf Blitzer donning a big "natural" and a Black power fist t-shirt, lol.

Tis' the season bro.



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Yeah and it will last until the news cycle moves on to the next shiny object dangled in front of them.


The REAL issue is will people continue to support Black-owned businesses once the media fueled hype is over?

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