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Are You a BIPOC?


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The following sentence was in an email I received this morning promoting a virtual Juneteenth celebration:


"We are outraged by the legacy of racism in the United States and we actively protest the use of absurd and needless violence against BIPOC."


I was like, "BIPOC," what heck is that? I had to look it up because presumably I'm one since it was used in an email addressed to me.


After looking it up, I decided it is an acronym I will never use.



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You just posted this and I haven't heard of that term before and haven't even googled it yet but I'm willing to wager it's some SEXUAL term that was designed to further confuse our young people.

Neely Fuller Jr. said the White Supremacists are working OVER TIME and burning a lot of MIDNIGHT OIL figuring out ways to confuse our people....especially in the sexual arena.

Again, I may be wrong and you can correct me since you researched the term "bipoc" but I'm almost CERTAIN it has something to do with sex, sexuality, or sexual/gender identity.

Am I right or wrong?

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I couldn't wait on your response so I decided to look it up and it appears that I was wrong.

I guess all of these Black-Drag Queen shows that Caucasians have been promoting all over television lately has got me on high alert for ANYTHING that even smells like another  racist attempt to put a brother in a wig and dress and humiliate him before the entire world.....lol.


Black Indigenous People Of Color

Interesting term....


Although I understand what it MEANT by the term, it still is liable to generate and maintain the racial and ethnic confusion that already exists because it uses terms like "Black" and "Indigenous" which are confusing terms.

That's why I'm not crazy about it.....

You seem to be pretty adamant against it also Troy,  I'm interested in hearing YOUR reasons.

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Actually my initial reaction was that it has something to do with sexuality too.


I think it is is a stupid term.  I'm not a fan of People of Color either and don't use that term, because it is so broad as to be meaningless.


If the term "POC" means non-white people just say that, because in my mind people of color should include white people right?  POC does not exclude white or rather pink people.


Adding "Black" to POC is superfluous and the "Indigenous" part just seems to come our of left field.


Again the event was promoting a Junetheenth celebration which commemorates the end of slavery for Black people, or more appropriately the ADOS -- not BIPOC. 

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In addition to what I said, this pretty much sums up why I don't support the term.

I see a lot more people of all races are "celebrating" and talking about Juneteenth way more this year than they were before.
I wonder did the riots and AfroAmericans  hitting the streets have anything to do with this new found respect and interest in AfroAmerican history....lol?

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Nope I have never heard white people celebrate or even acknowledge Juneteenth anywhere near the extent they have this year. 


Honestly, I think white folks were horrified by the cop murdering George Floyd -- such wonton disregard for life in broad daylight on camera. White folks largely uneffected and even benefiting from the pandemic probably feel really bad seeing all the Black suffering...

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