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Whooping The HELL Out Of The Brother!

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This is WORSE than Rodney King!

Atleast brother King's hands were free to block some of the blows and move around.

This man was held on the ground while his hands were cuffed behind his back no doubt wrecking his shoulders and collar bones WHILE the race-soldiers were taking turns whipping him with batons.

….and had the NERVE to tell him to "relax" while they were whooping the hell out of him.

I think this just might be the final twist to SEAL the doom of White Supremacy in the United States.


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Actually, the brother wasn't even driving....he was walking.

If you look at the beginning of the video (that was a long video so I just forwarded it to the most important part)  he was actually peacefully WALKING along the road minding his own business when they stopped him.

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I think this just might be the final twist to SEAL the doom of White Supremacy in the United States.

Maybe I was wrong.

I though there would be more outrage about this particular video than what I'm seeing so far.

Maybe because the brother didn't die people didn't think it was worth raising hell over.

Or, maybe because the mainstream media isn't showing it nearly as much as they showed the George Floyd video most don't know about it.
Perhaps this is the reason there was more of a reaction to George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks' deaths that were caught on video, than there was for our sister Breonna Taylor who's violent death wasn't but was much more violent.

However if the latter is the case...…
If the only time some of our people are willing to stand up and demand justice is when the mainstream media hits them over the head with a video of racist violence over and over again so they can't ignore it or forget it, or if it's "trending" on social media  -then that would be a bit disturbing because it suggests  all the media would have to do is NOT show a mass slaughter in order to NOT get a reaction.

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Guest QueenX..

In the Elijah McCain Case  I would like to know what kind of crime is "being suspicious".He like this young man was just walking and minding his own business

and he was attacked by the police.

Instead of defunding the police departments, we should get  rid of all the police unions like the Fraternal Police in Baltimore City'

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