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Why They Love John Lewis

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They LOVE images like this:


Negroes in suits and ties getting their asses stomped and ran over by organized Caucasian men while other run off squealing and hollering and leave their women behind.

Oh they luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv it when negroes act like THAT.
They love it like bad little boys love throwing rocks at a pack of squirrels to see them scattering in different directions and racing eachother to get out of the way.

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They loved and references Dr. King all day every day when he was preaching non-violence and begging for Caucasian acceptance....especially as an alternative to a more militant Malcolm X.

But 3 things changed MLK's perception in Caucasian America:


1. Malcolm X was assasinated.  So there was no more "boogy man" alternative to point to for those who wouldn't accept King.

2.  As MLK got older, more mature, and wiser and ESPECIALLY after meeting with Elijah Muhammad.....he realized how ingrained racism was in America and he also saw how evil the society was and wondered whether or not it was worth integrating his people into a "burning house" ruled by people who were on their way to hell.
3. He started preaching against the war in Vietnam and sent veiled threats of Russia taking over.


Those 3 things....all occurring in just a 3 year time span between 1965-1968.....soured the taste of MLK in the mouths of so many Caucasian Americans so much that in some places when it was announced that MLK had been assassinated the public actually CHEERED! 😟

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