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"Growing Up White" an Oreos Guide to Fitting in

Guest Kevin L White

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Guest Kevin L White

Growing up White is about Blacks who do not act Black enough, therefore are discriminated by fellow Blacks for not conforming and scorned by Whites who stereotype by race.  This book describes situations Oreo's go through and guides them through difficulty with advice and suggestions. Growing up White is a guide written in a humorous tone and  displays  an eye opening lesson on a subculture that lies between two cultures. Oreo culture also applies to Biracials who pass for black.


Thank you.



Kevin White


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Hi Kevin,


Your book sounds very interesting -- indeed fascinating. 


I never considered Oreos belonging to a culture different than the one in which they were born.  The concept of a biracial person, like Barack Obama, passing for Black is intriguing as well.  


I always considered an Oreos as a person who is "Black" phenotypically, but is culturally "white." One does not have to be biracial to be an Oreo. 


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Let's start with referring to BLACK PEOPLE as  "the Blacks"  or  "fellow Blacks".
Terms most Black people generally don't use when referring to eachother......lol.


Neither had I heard the term "oreo" attached to someone who was bi-racial until reading this post.....lol.


But then again, if we were in a mostly Caucasian setting and another brother ran up to me reaching to shake my hand talking about how glad he was to see another "fellow black" around here and then asked me where we could find some more "fellow blacks" to tarry with.....I'd look at him funny and call him SOMETHING, lol.




You speak of a sub-culture that lies between 2 cultures, but you must know that AfroAmericans don't have their OWN culture.


There is only one dominate culture in this nation right now and that's the Caucasian American culture.
Americans of other races simply practice various SUB-cultures (deviations) of it.

For example........
A culture has it's own language.
People often speak of Ebonics or "Black English" as an example of us having our own language, but it's actually a deviant and compensatory form of English.
The AfroAmerican diet or so-called "Soul Food" is a deviant and often compensatory form of the English diet.


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I wouldn't be suprised.

I haven't spent much time in the region of the United States officially known as "New England" but according a couple of AfroAmericans I've met from there most people in that region SOUND LIKE they are actually from England and have British dialects.

After going to Oregon and seeing AfroAmericans wearing caps with Confederate Flags on them and talking in southern accents.....I'm rarely suprised at what I see out there, lol.

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