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Working on Getting the Right Book Cover

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I am currently working on the creation of my next book cover. My first book cover was done by someone in Sri Lanka. I now have some people from Pakistan 🇵🇰 working on the project.


 I have be using Fiverr. I have had some Africans and African Americans working on different aspects of my book projects.


My questions are how do you get your covers done? Where do you find your talent? How much do spend? 

Your input is greatly appreciated.







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Really nice covers take professionals in my opinion. While I've known many book cover designers over the years. I don't have any on tap now that I can refer you too.


As with any aspect of your book editing, typesetting, covervdedugn. It js best ti hire a pro. You can find talent on fivver, but it is hit or miss. 


I'm not impressed by the most recent cartoons, try other artists, or find out who the artists are on books you like and reach out to them.


Covers help sell books. Don't cut corners.

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Great input. I am still sorting through the lot. I am finding that I am getting better at giving instructions. While there maybe more experienced, I don’t mind building an in expense talent pool. 

I can always have an established artist come in after I get the concept done. 

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