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harry brown

Chicago. Gang. Leader. Arrested .

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Chicago. Gang. Leader. Arrested.  Charged. With.  Cocaine,Heroin. And-Guns.   Along. With 23-  Others. .  Black. Lives. Matters. Not. Protesting ,Churches ,NAACP ,Political. Where. Is. The. Democrats ?  White. And -Black. All. The. Black.  Votes.  They. Get.  Black. Street   Gangs  Are-Domestic   Terrorist   Like  The  KLAN ,Neo   Nazi  . . Black  Males. In -Gangs   Hate  Their  Own   People  And  Communities.  Black   Females -Love   Having   Babies  With  Gangsters  ,Crack  Sellers,Pimps   And  ,Thugs.  Black.  Genocide Will. Not. Stop.....

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I've discovered that many AfroAmerican women have babies with these gangster brothers not because they're good or bad but because they are STRONG.
Africans are NATURAL people and we are in harmony with NATURE....not artificial man-made rules and customs that are often confusing and illogical.
I don't care how educated, church going, or law abiding a man is......the women will choose a STRONG gangster over him because in nature as far as most men are concerned being STRONG is "righteous" and being weak is "sinful". 
And on that same principle it doesn't matter how STRONG a woman is, how many jobs she holds, how religious she is, how smart she is...all of these are noble attributes but a man will take a weak, lazy, always crying FEMININE woman who acts helpless over her because that's what most men find attractive.


The genocide WILL stop, but it will stop when WE as AfroAmerican men stop it ourselves.


If you're laying around waiting on Caucasians to put an end to something THEY started themselves and actually benefit from.....you'll be waiting a mighty long time.

Only AfroAmerican men can handle other AfroAmerican men.  Nobody else has the strength and skill to handle us because they don't know us like we know eachother.
And most other people don't have the desire anyway, most are too scared and too weak.

I guarantee you that the MOMENT they see strong, organized, and RIGHTEOUS AfroAmerican men marching into those neighborhoods with a serious look on their faces and NO POLICE anywhere around for them to run to for protection (that's right.....the police are PROTECTING these clowns) the fear and dread will be so intense that most of the crime and gang activity will plummet overnight and will continue to decline over time.


Tampa Bay New Black Panther Party - Posts | Facebook

And I'm telling you all now......

When that happens, most white police officer will just QUIT.
They won't fight or square off with those brothers or challenge them.....they'll just QUIT the force.

If they can't keep crime contained in the ghetto and treat AfroAmericans the way they want to, most of these Caucasian officers will just fucking QUIT and stay in their own neighborhoods and sit on the porch....lol.


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