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Announcing our New Audiobook Voice

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Amazing work, and congrats on the talent! Your blueprint and design realized.


For those who do not maintain an IG account (like me) place an inexpensive ad in a local newspaper and/or online classifieds. Vet the candidate (100% virtually) and once the productions are rolling, incentivize said performer with a bonus for marketing the content on their social media platforms. Ta-da! You just...


a) Incentivized a team member towards action that benefits all involved parties

b) Obtained "buy in" from said performer and their friends, family, etc. 

c) Perhpas most importantly, NOW the public views THEIR promotion as noteworthy, admirable, word of mouth credible. Versus, YOUR marketing being interpreted as pushy, thirsty, etc. Moreover, you just conquered social media tenfold without so much as leaving your living room chair.


*bonus: With 42 million people unemployed in the U.S., bonuses should be a mainstay in all business plans.


Gotta go, we're interviewing animated characters for our new docuseries, "Black Love," coming 07 November 2020, exclusively on https://owshowe.com 


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I can't make this stuff up!


One of our freelance writers pinged our website with an article that she published on https://owshowe.com from her personal website a few minutes past.


Author: Jacklyn Hennion




Get to know your website stats and from which direction the views are funneled. ALSO... GROW & MENTOR YOUR SQUAD! Now, when she wins a Pulitzer Prize 😉 we’re going right along with her 😎!


Read her article here:






*really leaving this time...


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