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What does Scholastic Book Have that We Don't

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Maybe there is a list. I guess it depends on how you Black school.


Is it like the public schools I attended where all the students are Black, and the teachers are white?


Does it have to be owned, operated, and attended exclusively by Black people? 


What is Scholastic doing that you want replicate?

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7 hours ago, daniellegfny said:

do you know what scholastic does?


Of course, they are perhaps the largest publisher of children's books on Earth.



So when you asked the question:


15 hours ago, daniellegfny said:

Is the AALBC a rallying point to launch an effort to match Scholastic Books efforts?


I assumed you not inquiring how I can match Scholastic's efforts.  I assumed must have meant matching something that they were doing specifically.

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@Troy the start is the catalog and then asking members to introduce it to the school systems in their area. I am not saying you have to beat Scholastic. I am saying start being the Jackson Hewlitt to their H&R Block. At the very least you will increase revenue for the site to expand and get more professional staffing involved.

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