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All Politicians Should Be Required To Take This Course


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When I clicked on to this thread I thought it was going to be an IQ TEST that all politicians would be required to take...lol.

Certainly wouldn't be a bad idea.

But to be more serious, in truth the REAL test all politicians in the United States should actually be taking is on THIS:


Constitution of the United States (Books of American Wisdom): Founding  Fathers: 9781557091055: Amazon.com: Books


The UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION is what they should be tested on because it seems like most politicians don't know it and are making up their own rules as they go along.

Most police officers should also be given a course in it, especially in the PREAMBLE that guarantees all citizens the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness.

How can someone who upholds the Constitution of the United States justify KILLING someone (like that video you showed)  or ARRESTING  someone without due process which deprives both life and liberty?




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The Constitution most definitely is a requirement. It’s not unreasonable to include a course covering the Constitution in Police Academies. It seems that all parties would benefit from Deadly Force training. Dialogue is the starting point to change according to 8381BBBC-CFB9-4BD5-BEFE-96F1D89F025C.thumb.jpeg.1c5cba336fd713eaa724398bdfc253dd.jpegI just finished listening today. I will need to go through it again.

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Not only should all politicians, judges, and law enforcement officers have to READ and be TESTED on the U.S. Constitution but they should also be FORCED TO ABIDE BY IT.
And not make up their own rules on a whim!

No sense in studying it if you're not going to apply it and put it into practice.

The Constitution says you have a right to assemble and speak....and Mayor Rudy Guiliani sits up and tells you that you need a "permit" to do it.

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This why there would be problems with the test. The interpretation of what is written. 


That's one of the fallacies of the modern legislative and judicial systems....that the Constitution needs to be "interpreted".

The Constitution is written CLEAR AS DAY and can be understood by anyone who is literate and of average intelligence.


When they start talking about "interpreting" it that means they're trying to figure out a way to lie, deceive, and infringe upon  the rights it clearly grants you.



The 1st Amendment says that the freedom of speech shall NOT be abridged.

But deceptive Caucasian politicians come along and say:





Fletcher Reede | Universal Studios Wiki | Fandom



1. Now now buddy....you can't threaten anyone...it's a crime!
2. Hold on pal, if you talk about me....I'll sue you for slander!
4.  That's copy written....can't use it!
4.  Wanna give a speech in the park....well you need a permit from me first buddy!



Everything the Constitution clearly says you CAN do....these wicked devils turn right around and tell you you CAN'T....lol.




That’s not how we move forward. 


I don't want to move forward towards Fascism and Tyranny.

And neither should you.

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