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What would you recommend for my next LibroFM audiobook


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Since forum users have not spoken up (I know some use Libro.fm).


I actually have a paid Libro.fm account myself.  I have only listened to 2 audiobooks, but I have 8 "credits" (the ability to download 8 more audiobooks without paying for extra for them). Members get one credit each month and we also earn a free audiobook with each referral


I'm actually going to put my Libro membership on hold until I have caught up and listened to 8 audiobooks.  The good thing about Libro.fm is that, unlike Amazon's Audible, your credits never expire, even after you put your membership on hold or cancel it. 


With Audible, "Credits expire immediately upon the cancellation or termination of your membership unless used prior to cancellation or termination." That sucks 😞





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