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Our. Time. Has. Come !

harry brown

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Our. Time. Has. Come. Democrat. Stacy. Abrahms Book. About ,.Votes. And. Democracy. Under. Attack.  Do. Stacy. Abrahms. Talk-About. Preachers. Raping. Children. Murdering. Their. Wives. -Beating. Their. Wives.?  Domestic. Violence. Not. Mention. Within. -The. Talk. About. Strong. Black. Women. Black. Women. Votes ..-She-Not. Talking. About. Black. Self.  Genocide.  Neither. Did. -South-Carolina. James. Clyburn ..  Was. The. Idiot. Corey. Booker -Supporting. Lindsey. Graham? He. Is. Racist. Trash. Like. Trump.  -There. Is. Talk. About. A. Black. Political. Party.  There. Needs. To. Be-Black. People. With. Kwanzaa. Principles. On. Election. Day...

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