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I do agree that it seems that black literature is becoming almost a thing of the past. It seems to me that black writers today are forsaking the genre of writing to uplift, inform, or educate. But at the same time, we live in a world that runs contradictory to literature of any kind and that includes black. Black minds have for years been under attack, years ago great black sitcoms like The Jefferson’s, and Good Times always came on at 5:00pm conveniently in conflict with the local news. Now with the explosion of videos and social media the brain muscle gets little exercise aka reading and we appear to be addicted to entertainment or fantasy that does almost nothing for our minds or consciousness.  

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Welcome to the forums @Author Brian Nelson.


We are losing control of the fight for Black minds because we are losing platforms.  There are some excellent bocks doing well in the Black community that should be more widely known, but our readers flock to Amazon for information about books and only discover the books that Amazon's profit driven algorithm pushes to them.  This increases the incentives for more books like the ones that do well on Amazon to be made.  Which also increase demand for books to be sold on Amazon and the downward spiral ensues, and Black folks lose.  We all do, but my focus is on Black people.




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