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Adding books to profile

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Hello Troy,


I am happy to be a new AALBC member. I would like to add more paperback and e-Books to my Profile but cannot see a way to do that. The book entry form you sent would not allow me to add  my "Finding Otho" book, nor any of my eBooks because I had no "eBook ID". Please advise.


Also, how do I get my author name, Kathy Lynne Marshall, and my books to show up using the AALBC "Search" function? Do we need the $379-level profile for that?


I look forward to your response. I'd like to recommend AALBC to my author friends.

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Hi @Kathy Kanika Marshall all good questions.


The book form you completed is only for authors already on the website.  Here is the current list.


The search engine only returns content that is currently on AALBC.  If you post information about your book the search engine would actually pick it up in a few days.  For example, the author, M'Bwebe Ishangi posted the information and now M'Bwebe Ishangi comes up in a search on the site.  


For more ways to get on AALBC, check out our FAQ.


Purchasing an author profile will get you on the site right away it is only $199.


If your ebooks are sold only on Amazon, we can not sell them on AALBC, but we will be happy to send readers to your site if they click the book's buy button on AALBC.


Hope that answers your questions and welcome to the forums!

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Thank you Troy. I am a member (https://aalbc.com/authors/author.php?author_name=Kathy+Lynne+Marshall) but only two of my books are showing up. I own the ISBNs for all my books, so they aren't only sold on am*zon. I filled out the forms you emailed me to add my e-books and two additional paperbacks. I'll try again. 

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