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The Future Still Belongs to Us . . .

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Divine Consciousness, From a Dystopian Diaspora to Afrofuturism is a compelling, must-read available now from artGriot® Publishing.


This book considers the past in confronting the present while preparing for our future. Our past and present have been subjugated, in part, by a decidedly human threat from those in control. Dystopian societies are marked by mass suffering and great injustice but are not just relegated to stories of fiction. We have been and continue to be in a dystopian state throughout the Diaspora. However, we don’t have to remain trapped in this state, nor consider that our ability to finally overcome could only exist in a distant future. We must choose to define and control our present to ensure the future we want. And, an “Afrofuture” is not just a thing of science-fiction or imagination, but something truly attainable.


Afrofuturism is not just another “ism,” nor is it just science-fiction, or Sun Ra, or the Mothership Connection, or Supa Dupa Fly, or Black Panther, as though these are the only defining examples of Afrofuturism. As I will discuss later in the book, Afrofuturism is not non-Western mythologies, mysticism, or Black magical realism, nor is it an imaginary trip to Wakanda. Further, there is no yellow brick road to get to it, nor is it a far-off utopia or alternative outer-worldly destination like Saturn for Black folks to chill. It is real and attainable and necessary for all of us in the face of an indifferent and inimical world, not just regarding Black lives to matter and equality, but Black exceptionalism and free choice. Pursuant to the subtitle of this treatise, From a Dystopian Diaspora to Afrofuturism, I don’t define how we get “from” and “to.” I don’t refer to it as a transition or shift or even pivot, but a journey. James Baldwin said this about the meaning of a “journey”:


“A journey is called such because you cannot know what you will discover on the journey. What you will do, what you find, or what you find will do to you.”


The journey to Afrofuturism is just that, a journey. We will be traveling from one place, a dystopia, to another, our future as Black people. And this journey to Afrofuturism requires a divine consciousness, as it is our destiny if we choose.



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