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Why Don't Video Programs Featuring Black Books Work?


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I've been involved in a coupe of projects which featured videos on Black books.  The clicking the image below will take you to a video of the last project I was involved in.  It was the best produced efforts I was personally involved in but it failed to gain any traction. 


Indeed one author -- not even a celebrity author -- ghosted us when it came time to film her -- a sista I've know years. Tayari Jones, which much better name recognition, whose book we covered here, was far more accommodating. 


Social sharing did no good.  It was as if the social platforms rejected the content.


@Pioneer1 this experience speaks to some of the things you were saying about operating in a racist society.  If we controlled the narrative on social media, rather than some white boy's stupid algorithm we would see more content like and more and even better content like this would be created.


Now we all know if this this program's focus was on Troy getting to chose between these four bachelorettes cat-fighting I get to bed with one throwing a cup of tea into the face of the other, it would have went viral on social media. One woman is actually married -- which would make the whole show better, right?



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