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What are you marketing goals for 2021

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Guest KChriselle

I am new to this forum, but I have decided to join as many positive black forums as possible. Mostly forums that demonstrate, promote, and uplift positive black agenda's, goals and achievers. Happy to have found this platform. KC.

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Well I hope you create an account so that you can post without your posts having to be approved by me KChriselle.


I've decided from a marketing perspective to utilize Google's business features I just now started focusing on getting reviews. I'm not going crazy about it because frankly I'm not crazy about supporting Google in that way but it does help SEO.


I don't think is it a tactic that can help authors, but it would help certainly help the stores that sell their books -- which in turn helps those authors.

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Happy New Year. I plan to continue to repurpose blog content about the new book Dr. Sebi Speaks of Dembali. I'd also like to find new audiences for the content and marketing. I'm happy to say that Mansa Books recently listed the book in its online catalog. Grateful for that.


KChriselle, I have a suggestion for a place to find positive and useful information about the black agenda. My blog about herbs and natural healing is found at https://www.sojourntohonduras.com/blog  Enjoy.

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