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After years of careful observation of the interactions of our people (actually people of color in general) with Caucasians -I've come to the conclusion that most of our people don't know the difference between KNOWLEDGE and INFORMATION.  And because they don't know the difference, they think they have "facts" and "knowledge" when all they really have is speculation, conjecture, and false information.


They are victims of the greatest tool the system called "White Supremacy" uses to maintain it's power:  CONFUSION.


They are CONFUSED about what is true and not true because they don't know or understand the difference between KNOWLEDGE and mere INFORMATION.



So what IS the difference?

KNOWLEDGE:  That which you have either experienced or observed directly

INFORMATION:  Statements, figures, and assertions that can either be true OR false.

In other words, if I tell you it's raining outside....I just gave you INFORMATION.
It's not KNOWLEDGE until you either go outside to experience the rain or look out of a window and observe it for yourself.

Now think about that.

How many AfroAmericans have experienced or observed what they actually claim they KNOW?

Not only isn't most of the so-called "knowledge" that AfroAmericans claim to posses actual knowledge, it's really just INFORMATION (much of it false information at that) that was spoon fed to them by the Caucasians who taught them or from what they get from the media.



"Are you sure that 2 + 2 = 5? 
My Mama said it was always 4"

"No sweetheart, recent archeological findings
now refute that theory.  Scientific evidence
now supports the hypothesis that 2 + 2
while not quite equaling 5 comes several
degrees closer than previously thought.
Richard Dawkins said so."


If we want to improve our personal lives and improve our condition collectively, we need to focus on getting actual KNOWEDGE, not mere 2nd hand INFORMATION 
And again KNOWLEDGE is that which is gained by experience or observation.

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