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Can I Get Some Feedback on This Press Release for 6 Magic Cans of Happiness

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News Release

For Immediate Release 4/18/2021



Clarence N. M Coggins




Six Magic Cans of Happiness: Danielle the Girl From New York Released


Clarence Coggins, who writes books for children and is based in Jersey City, announced the release of his second book for the book series ‘’6 Magic Cans of Happiness: Danielle the Girl From New York’’.


More information in 




The recently announced book release aims to inform people who are interested in this book not only that it is now available, but also that a Giveaway will take place until the 27th of April 2021. There are 100 copies available and so far 168 people are requesting. The country in which the giveaway will take place is the United States.


Surveys show that due to the advent of new technologies, children are using their parents’ smartphones very often. They are more likely than their peers to have difficulties in paying attention to their parents when they want to share with their children something important. As a result, not only is it hard for parents to get their children to organize but also it is hard for them to make their children discuss with them thorny social issues, such as financial literacy and practices.. 


Clarence Coggins is a multitalented person, who has studied economics, has worked as an IT professional, and has hosted radio shows. He is currently writing books for children. His aim is to spread valuable messages, which will instill in children moralities and ethical principles. His aim is to help children develop their emotional intelligence in a fun way. Another message is that if people wish to build a better future, they should start by teaching young children the moral principles mentioned above. All those messages are sent to the child through creative stories.


The colorful cover picture shows some thought provoking works, which are happy, fun, joy, wisdom, future, life. These words are not accidentally chosen by the writer. Through the way he demonstrates his imagination, through his fun stories, he manages to cause emotions of happiness and joy to young people. Additionally, these stories reflect significant life messages, which instill in children’s mindset wisdom for their future life. This is why Clarence’s books have received reviews of 4,6 out of 5 stars on the am*zon platform.


A person who also bought the first book of the series mentioned the following: ‘’Clarence is the modern-day leader of children's books. In a world where turbulence abounds, his writing allows one to enjoy the very special thoughts of children. He reminds us how good the world really is through his characters....’’


Instagram: Daniellegfny

Facebook: Daniellegfny



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