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Americans are too stupid to achieve herd immunity

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I had a conversation with someone the other day, in which they explained to me why they were not getting vaccinated. It was a well articulated argument and the person who made it put a lot of thought into it. They believe that DMX and Hank Aaron, for example, were killed by the vaccine.


I know, It sounds crazy but the person is not crazy, at least not as one would expect from a clinical diagnosis. the person is just “differently informed” with alternative facts.


They are backed with scientific evidence, which main stream media is hiding from us, so that pharmaceutical companies who are the major sponsors of the media can make even more money.


The person is Black but this has nothing to do with the Tuskegee experiment of the shitty way the American government has treated us — this goes way beyond.


I asked about the nearly 600,000 Americans that have died from Covid, and it was explained to me that there were nowhere near that many deaths and many people who died from the flu and pneumonia their deaths were deliberately falsely attributed to Covid.


I did not try to argue with this person or explain the fact that these were 600,000 additional deaths yes some of these people would’ve died anyway from some other cause, but a great deal more American lives were lost as a result of this pandemic.


We are a lost cause as a people. I pray that this thing does not mutate into something worse That will kill a lot more people. Anyone reading this is very fortunate. Despite my life challenges I know I have been very fortunate I am grateful for that.


But given our population and the things they are capable of, from genocide, to slavery, to putting Donald Trump in office, I really am losing hope in America.


When Facebook’s Social media platforms are the source of our information there’s no wonder we are so differently informed. There is really nothing no one can do no amount of protesting or rioting will make it a difference.


We will not achieve herd immunity what that means for our country remains to be seen.

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A couple points:

1. With all due respect, don't you think it's just a little arrogant on your part to believe YOU are more correct than THEM -given that neither of you work in the medical industry, for CDC, or are specialists in the field of virology?


Technically speaking you are both simply adults with OPINIONS.  Opinions based on information you chose to accept.  
Neither of you are coming from a position of absolute KNOWLEDGE of the virus and it's behavior.

2. I agree that the population as a whole is on the stupid side  but THAT is not the reason for the failure to achieve herd immunity.
 I actually blame the GOVERNMENTS (Federal and State) and not the public for that failure.

They should ASSUME that people aren't going to have the knowledge and discipline to practice proper hygeinic conditions and quarantine themselves....and should have done a proper SHUT DOWN early on leaving only the most essential establishments (hospitals, grocery stores, ect..) open, to get this thing under control.

It's still not to late.
It's never too late.

But it's gonna be much harder.

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On 5/5/2021 at 10:03 PM, Pioneer1 said:

a little arrogant on your part to believe YOU are more correct than THEM


Dude it is not ME it is the findings of the scientific community weighed against the American public.


On 5/5/2021 at 10:03 PM, Pioneer1 said:

Opinions based on information you chose to accept.  


...and that my friend is the problem opinion, very ill-conceived opinions, crowd out reason, logic, and facts.  One's opinion is irrelevant.  The data speaks for itself.


On 5/5/2021 at 10:03 PM, Pioneer1 said:

But it's gonna be much harder.


Yes, it already harder and yes our Government is the most stupid of the bunch.

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