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Ruthless Pamela Jean

Guest Carol Denise Mitchell

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Guest Carol Denise Mitchell

We already read about dark skinned-women being discriminated against and given a bad time. I wanted to change the game on several fronts with Ruthless Pamela Jean. Instead of being bulled for being too dark, Pamela is bullied and nearly killed by bullies for being too light. I loved writing this book. I aimed to make the bullied stronger through Pamela Jean. Her father was not in the home. Her mother was just plain tired and had given up. By 8 years of age, Pamela made a decision. She decided to work on helping herself. She set goals to indoctrinate herself into a man's pimp game and changed the world. Pamela also realized that when men leave some women, there are a continuum of women that give up early in life. Through her escort service, women are served with good-looking men whose job is to satisfy specifically, older women. This is a true, unspoken topic in America. Pamela serves in Ruthless Pamela Jean. It's a great novel about turning extreme negatives into profitable positives. https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/55297810

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It's a great novel about turning extreme negatives into profitable positives.





Turning extreme negatives into "profitable positives"?

Or just plain PROFITING off of negativity?


It seems the latter is has become increasingly common in much of our community over the past 50 years or so.

Although I personally don't have a problem with Pimping OR prostitution as long as it's not forced and the women are adults, I don't think AfroAmericans should continue to make light of or profit off of the dysfunction in our community.  There's enough racists who are doing that. 

We need to use our energy to SOLVE our problems.

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