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  1. sounds like an interesting read. good luck with your circulation and sales
  2. @Troy but how can anyone know another's final destination. if we have done our best to be a good person we should be okay, hopefully
  3. @Delanoi like your theory..if they will help us then welcome.. but us being on the menu is a scary thought.
  4. thank you for sharing some valuable information. looking forward to reading your next blog
  5. my daddy used to say it was arrogant for humans to think that other beings in different galaxies could never exist. my thoughts are the same if God creat ed galaxies and universes why would He not create beings to inhabit those planets. now as far as them visiting earth i do not know why this place would be on their bucket list. just saying.. there is so much confusion..violence..hatred..well you get my point.
  6. I love to hear about our black youth excelling in education. It makes me smile to know that there is still hope for our people.. I hope that this young lady will go far in life and be succesful.
  7. I grew up watching Fat Albert and the Cosby show. I am a black woman and I love strong black male influential role models;especially in the world we live in today. I am by no means condoning any violation to a woman's body, but my question is why was none of this reported to authorities at the time of the alledged rapes? Why would these women wait 40 years later to report such a horrible offense? I hope that these women get some closure and begin to heal. I also would hope that Mr. Cosby would give a formal apology to these women and that they would forgive Mr. Cosby. Hopefully his last days will be more peaceful after his release from prison.
  8. thank you for making me feel welcome
  9. i think we all have a small amount of freedom. as long as there are boundaries, laws, rules or restrictions you have a limited degree of freedom. Freedom in my opinion will happen when our spirit/soul departs the body.
  10. Hello, I recently joined this site. My name is Rae, I am very interested in communicating and interacting with everyone. I thank the site admin and developers for allowing me to be a part of your forum.
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