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Author: Marcus A Nelson

Release Date: November 1, 2021

Category: Dystopian Thriller




Sound was the only element that could save mankind; Straffe knew it and young Nick controlled it, so with the world at the height of its maliciousness, Straffe set out to enlist this boy wonder in hopes to bring about peace. Yet Nick had other plans.

Post-apocalyptic, Nick’s hearing is impeccable. Sheltered from the outside woes, he grew up in front of his window listening, mimicking and perfecting all the sounds he heard. Soon, he mastered manipulating insects, animals and eventually people through this new found skill. Finally, he ventured outdoors and took the world’s evils to another level.

“Can’t you see I set you free!? I brought you to the light?!” - his signature tune. Becoming world famous for his auditory skills, he held concerts, invoking the crowds into murderous frenzies while impacting the world with a level of cruelty unforeseen.

Though his part in the travesties of mankind was just as heinous, Straffe was determined to set things right and knew there was only one way to stop Nick’s rule.

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