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  1. Two and a half years, Americans were left toiling, unlawfully – like slaves. 30 months in a timeless zone of what they knew; what they were. Extracted and uprooted by the thousands, for this very purpose, to Western Texas, far from justice and away from humanity. But for now, forget the ones that survived, for some died not knowing they were free, not knowing their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren have survived their plight. Read more... http://www.mafoombay.com/juneteenth-june-19th-1865/
  2. I used to believe it was a choice but now I've come to realize that there are too many outside factors that influence us. The nature/nurture argument is real and as a result, are we really making a decision or is it our instinct and learning directing our path? Between 'triggers' alerting our sub-conscious and our innate survival instinct, a 'choice' sometimes is just a fulfillment to survive - hence escapism. We need to better learn how to control our control-ables i.e what we eat, read, experience, etc. and through those methods extend our breaking point threshold or destroy it
  3. So now what? We spent our money in support of an African based film; shattering records and propelling Africanism into the global equation. Our consumer aspect has always been evident but the display of unity was something new. Your Black card is revoked; I’ve seen facebook friends de-friend friends who haven’t seen it. Kente cloths in 3D. Dashikis at matinees. Busuutis at the concession stand. The display of pride was unprecedented… But how can we change this into a movement? The beginning of something big. Is it possible? Or was the display ‘for entertainment purposes on
  4. And don't forget Anakin Skywalker. His backstory made you appreciate who he became. Never a Star Wars fan but his character development was extra special...
  5. For me, I've learned to never fault someone for their fate (decision) - for reaching their breaking point; I'm just thankful that I haven't reached mine...
  6. T’Challa v Killmonger Good v Evil But who’s who? T’Challa, as king, is fated with protecting Wakanda, the land he rules. It’s customs, its peoples and most important, its resources primarily vibranium. This resource is the most powerful metal on the planet and as a result has transformed the kingdom he inherited into the most advanced technological civilization known to man. He’s ruler of the most dominant nation on earth albeit secretively as part of his protective plan is to keep this resource entirely within his nation. Killmonger, through events, is a
  7. Unfortunately there aren't and maybe my optimism is 'a little' too (optimistic) but from my experience working in B&N, kids aged up to 12 (13 - 17 was YA) reacted to books by themes. If the cover was funny, they laughed, sports related they'd look for common ground, etc. and that stokes my belief of race not being a factor. I even look at the cover of the Dork Diary you have above and can see a Black boy and that wouldn't affect a child's decision to be attracted to it. As long as it's not racially motivated, the 'races' can be interchanged. And I combine that with the fact that at tha
  8. I think Ezra Jack Keats did a terrific job with his books of African-American leads. The Snowy Day is an all-time classic across all races and "Peter's" race is never mentioned. Although it's for younger than YA, he did it and was extremely successful. I'd consider Dork Diaries pre-YA, ages 9-13, and there are other series like Captain Underpants, Roald Dahl's books and even the Ramona series that could've been just as successful with Black leads. I think the Hardy Boys could've been Black! I can't think of a series that has tried this but I do believe it's possible for the pre-teen reader
  9. Wow! Every man should read this with shame; every woman with pride. I can count on one hand the number of books that changed my viewpoint and altered my thinking on a subject I felt I knew extensively - The Civil Rights Movement. In response to the #metoo awareness, I wanted to find a read that was geared towards the topic of abuse, rape, degradation and the defilement of women. I had previously read “Women who run with wolves,” so that's where I started my search. A great book, but I wanted something different. And different I found (thanks Goodreads). read more...
  10. For kids in that age group, I don't think it matters. The key is marketing. Kids are attracted, more so than adults, to themed covers, exciting colors and the facial expressions of the characters so I believe the ethnicity of the person on the cover doesn't matter. THEN, together with their parents, they'll read what it's about and if it's interesting they'll go for it. This series is/was extremely popular and I do believe that if the characters were Black, it would have been just as successful IF, as Black subjects, the series would have been marketed just the same. Basically, you can ha
  11. It at least brought back memories, you spelled it the same way my grandmother used to pronounce it!
  12. I edited it and added the links. And yes, he had a few pics and I actually added a link to the author's website you can check out. Thanks for the tips!
  13. Every now and then you find a hidden gem. A piece of history you had no idea existed or even thought to think it would. A Black man becoming a millionaire in Russia? During Jim Crow? When the south became too much to bear, Frederick Bruce Thomas migrated to the Midwest in search of escape and a better life. Settling in Chicago and Brooklyn, he worked as a waiter and sometimes cook before heading to London seeking more freedom. And as fate would have it, he ventured to Russia and while many of his fellow dark-skinned Americans were being lynched and terrorized, he was able to amass
  14. You may say...BUT, look at the pushback he's receiving from trying to put forth his agenda - travel ban, healthcare, or pretty much anything he's attempting. Only through executive order has he "succeeded" at anything. His Supreme Court pick only sailed through not because of him but as a result of the process. The GOP I liken to a cornered animal. They fight hardest when adversed with death. Now do we kill it or are we frightened away.... Racism will never be eradicated but the true method to defeat any societal ill is SUCCESS. Teach smarts, teach pride, teach respect. This may be
  15. Store Manager/training manager. Yes, it affected B&N tremendously, same effect, but they've adapted; incorporating toys & games, restaurants, community outreach, etc. but unfortunately it's a struggle for them to stay afloat. Big Box retailing is declining...
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