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Kola Boof

Black Publishing is Not Dead Yet!

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TROY here are the photos I wanted to show of the National Black Theater,

Nabi, Manie Baron and publishing period.


This is my reading at the National Black Theater in Harlem. NABI (the curator) is

Seated (the lightskinned guy). My boyfriend Posr is standing.


Out to dinner with Posr at Native in New York. I swear, the food there is SO good.

It's my favorite restaurant now, but the lighting is AWFUL. I pitched a bitch about

the lighting and no one turned up the lights. They said it's supposed to be like you're

in a cave atmosphere. Then after Posr paid, they turned on the lights!

Anyway, the FOOD is outrageously good. Make sure you eat their Macaroni & cheese

if you ever go. It's amazing!


This is me at Troy Johnson's party with Manie Baron. If you don't know, Manie was a

legendary Super-Agent in the book industry for decades. He just recently died of cancer

which really shocked me, because I had no idea he was sick! On this night, he and I

spent about 5 hours together laughing and getting drunk as hell. It was one of the most

fun times I've ever had with publishing people. I will always love Manie so much.


Here I am with Derrick Bell, the legendary civil rights lawyer & bestselling author & Professor.

He's sort of like my adopted grandfather. He's pure love. Also in this photo is my friend Ant.

This was taken at Henry's, a restaurant in Manhattan.

They make a very weird Macaroni & Cheese with blue cheese dressing...it's divine, though.

Me and Ant had that with ribs and it was pretty good.


Here I am with New York's very esteemed "Minister Brown." He was filming a documentary

about me for a whole week and delivered a special gift to me from Molefi Kete Asante!


Performing at the National Black Theater in Harlem. I sang "My Breasts Are Filled With

Milk & Honey", an ancient Egyptian song that I like to sing.


Here I am with Big head. LOL!! No. He's the King. Such a brilliant, brilliant man.

He's a Legal Activist and helped create a major law that stops police from computing

every time they stop a black motorist. That way the "stops" aren't on your record.


I did a modeling layout while I was in New York. Troy you're good friends with the

photographer. I can't recall his name. Martin something.

All the pics are in "Rolling Out" magazine. In my face, you can see that I'm aging

quickly. UGH! It's so awful, because 20 years ago, I was so beautiful without even

trying. Now I have to work hard at it. And I have arthritis and diabetes BOTH now!


My good friend Peter. We're writing a book together but he lives in New Zealand.

He came to California and visited me last summer. He's actually taller than I am

and we caused quite a stir walking down Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. People thought

it was Attack of the Giants. He is 6'6 and I am 6'2 (w/o my shoes on).


This is my new natural look. I love it!

But my hair has grown extremely long since this photo

was taken (Posr made me cut it off to cut the perm out).


TROY, could you please send me that photo of you and I sitting outside the cafe

in Los Angeles. I liked that one. I would like to have at least one photo of you

and I. Whether we like it or not, people heavily associate Kola Boof with AALBC

and after Akashic releases "Sexy Part", you might not mind that so much.

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Posar & Me with novelist/tv host Abiola Abrams. You know her Troy.


Troy---I know that you know this guy. Please tell me who he is.

I've been trying to contact him.


Karen is a NYC radio host & health food seller. She's nice. SHE VISITS THIS BOARD

but never posts!!

OK that's all the photos!

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Nice photo Kola. I have met the Brother you asked about I don't recall his name I'll get back to you. Yeah I know Abiola she is cool lives in my neigborhood.

Yeah Manie was my man. His memorial service was this past Saturday a lot of peole came out.

Derrick Bell came out -- Large!

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