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Ball of Confusion


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"BigBuck" has nothing on Cynique. I can write trite poetry, too. :lol:

In a world full of turmoil where dire conflict reigns,

countries alternate between losses and gains.

Democracy-starved Egyptians are engaging in riots,

while overweight Capitalists feast on the latest fad diets.

Financially-stable China is the new sheriff in town,

and, like Europe and Japan, America’s economy is down,

struggling with war and persistent unemployment,

fending off Generals wanting more troop deployment.

The English are preparing for Prince William’s wedding,

scurrying like bugs infesting a hotel room’s bedding.

North and South Korea dare each other to attack,

and no nations hate Israel more than Iran and Iraq.

India has cornered the out-sourcing service,

leaving PC users more confused and as nervous

as Haitians desperate for the aid and relief

that still eludes Somalians full of nothing but grief.

Weather has taken the whole globe by storm,

and if It isn’t snowing, It’s welcome is warm

for floods and earthquakes and strong winds that rage

like prehistoric animals on a violent rampage!

The internet provides highways for avatar traffic

making virtual reality more awesome and more graphic!

Fingers have replaced tongues as a way to make words,

thanks to the ingenuity of 2 ex-computer nerds.

Along with flat-screened TVs and the films in 3-D

that are providing our eyes with new ways to see,

will Obama turn out to be Oprah’s long-lost half-brother,

or will Democrats and Republicans embrace one another?

Will the future prove instant gratification doesn’t last,

or obsession with physical perfection become a thing of the past?

Will universal peace and individual grace

be what ultimately saves the imperiled human race???

:unsure: Who knows? Ask "Will"

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