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A Story You've Never Read Before!!!

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Written by Steve Marie Hardcover, 212 pages |Fiction| $28.99|November 2, 2010|ISBN 978-14-52086460

Paperback, 212 pages |Fiction|$18.60|November 2, 2010|ISBN 978-12-52086477|EBook|ISBN 978-14-52086484

A dramatic story depicting the ups & downs of relationships and the unthinkable lengths they will take you. Told from an alternative point of view, Unraveled is a story of a woman who bounces from one tumultuous relationship to another until she is pushed to the edge. It’s an up & down roller coaster ride of friendship, love, betrayal and murder.

Perry never knew what he was getting himself into at 4:00 a.m. that morning when he got the call from his dear friend Sam. Samantha Kent was a successful entrepreneur who seemingly had everything going for her; a successful business woman, attractive with a take charge attitude. She succeeded at everything she attempts to do except for one thing, romantic relationships. In an instant she would be motivated to do the unthinkable, igniting the fire of a cold calculating woman. Unraveled will keep you on the edge wondering what else has Sam done and what will she do next?

Steve Marie is a provocative new author that takes a realistic look at the psychological and emotional affect that a relationship has on the mind and to what depths it will take your actions. Marie allows you to journey through the ups & downs of her characters with a familiarity and connectivity that is astonishingly relatable. Marie’s candor & explicitly honest adaptation of life leaves you sympathizing for a character while simultaneously despising them. Steve Marie is a roller coaster of a writer who leaves you excited and anticipating what her characters will do next; definitely a captivating new literary fiction author that hits you in the gut with reality with Unraveled.

Available at: barnesandnoble.com; amazon.com; booksamillion.com; and all major online book distributors.


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Thank you, Jesus, for giving me the strength to overlook how a promo can prejudice a discriminating reader's desire to read a book when it begins with an incompete sentence,(A dramatic story depicting the ups & downs of relationships and the unthinkable lengths they will take you.), and when the synopsis lapses into redundacy(up and down roller coaster, a phrase where up and down is not necessary since the words roller coaster already imply an up and down motion, not to mention the repeated use of this phrase in the text which could've benefited from the application of synonyms), and which uses the verb "affect" when it should be the noun "effect",(...emotional affect that a relationship has on...), and not having your singular subject agree with your plural pronoun(...sympathizing for "a character" while simultaneously despising "them", a sentence containing a double whammy inasmuch as one sympathizes "with" not "for" a person), and, last but not least, the puzzling use of ampersands(&). Why???? :o

I will admit that I am intrigued by the sub-title of this NEW book: "A story you've never read before". Okaaaay. <_<

Say what? Oh, sorry, Jesus. Then just forgive me. Not to worry; as I tell you all the time: nobody pays much attention to a sinner like me. Amen. :rolleyes:

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What saddens me about reading your responses to these poor souls (and I seriously sympathize with

their desires to succeed as published authors)....but what saddens me Cynique is that you are not

an Editor in New York.

We might actually get some originality, passion and some HIT BOOKS if they returned to having

eagle-eyed people like yourself sniffing through the pages and critiquing so effortlessly.

Believe it or not, whenever you go on these grammar checks, I hear the voice of Julia Child

doling out the corrections. It's hysterical for me.

I myself am untrained with grammar/punctuation and basically learned what I know devouring at

least 6 literary novels per month and reading several newspapers daily. And that's after I

learned English itself! I'm not dyslexic, mind you, I just write like I'm dyslexic at times.

(I don't know the grammatical language laws; I write from sheer memory of how

books & news print is laid out. I just 'feel' the structure; the difference between

nouns and verbs is all I know.)

They don't have many people like you in publishing anymore. I sincerely believe it's a

significant reason for the breakdown. It's overrun with business people--few arts and

crafts men.

Something truly unconventional and experimental like Jamaica Kincaid's "At the

Bottom of the River" could never get published today.

Not by an African/African-American female author anyway.

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Well, Kola, books I read which are not self-published have benefited from being proof-read, so grammatical errors don’t jump up at me they way they do in amateur endeavors. Sometimes the editing of these books leaves something to be desired but that's always a debatable issue. BTW, I don't have a high voice like Julia Child, or do I affect a phony, proper way of speaking

You, Kola, apparently have an innate talent that has enabled you to navigate the dynamics of language. And "talent" is the operative word here. There are, of course, those who may be good storytellers but who are not proficient at writing. They are the ones in need of re-write people. But, if these scribblers want to pen books in their personal syntax, who's to say they can't? They should, however, be prepared to draw criticism.

In any case, “UNRAVELING” by Steve Marie is there for those interested in tying up it's loose ends in the course of reading a story they've never read before!

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