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Unevenly yoked means you don't agree and a house divided can not stand. Depending on how true and grounded you are in your faith will be like standing at the greatest divide. Like both holding to a rope with no true winning side. It's left and right trying to take control. It's like fighting the current as you swim while you're walking up a road. It will be liking to talking and listening simultaneously. Like wanting to battle but praying to flee. It's like an orange orange colored by design but an anomaly is created when you taste a fruit that appears as an orange yet taste of a completely different kind. It's like empty and full competing in a space where everything is nothing and the lack of faith won the race. The word of God says to not unevenly yoke yourself to another because the difference may destroy the love created for each other. Because many are grounded in this religion game but if it is Jesus that you worship and spiritually that you seek than the question should be changed. To yoke yourself in marriage is more then simple faith, there are questions that should be asked and the answer can be found in grace. Listening is more then hearing what is said. Know that love can concur all if it's truly God Lead.  

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