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Told ya'll that CRT is a university course

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Critical Race Theory, so misunderstood by White Conservatives and Black Conservatives, is what I said it is: A university course. 

And guess what? It DOES make White people uncomfortable.

No child would understand a university law course. So it does not matter how loud unhinged and fact-challenged individuals scream that children are being subjected to CRT. Because they're not. 

Now, if people actually did a bit of research ( instead of getting mad at those who actually do ), they would have discovered this.

Duke University's Law School is a description of Course 504 - Critical Race Theory:

"The course affords students an opportunity to think about the ways in which racism, sexism, classism, and heterosexism are inextricably interwoven as well as an opportunity to challenge critically our most basic assumptions about race, law, and justice."

From UCLA Law:

"Throughout American history, race has profoundly affected the lives of individuals, the growth of social institutions, the substance of culture, and the workings of our political economy.

"Not surprisingly, this impact has been substantially mediated through the law and legal institutions. To understand the deep interconnections between race and law, and particularly the ways in which race and law are mutually constitutive, is an extraordinary intellectual challenge.

"That is precisely the project of Critical Race Theory (CRT). This course will pursue this project by exploring emerging themes within CRT."

The problem with lawyers is that they tend to author long-winded descriptions. This is why I'm just going to post the link to Columbia University Law School's lengthy description of CRT: 


Got that? Does anyone really think a child would be able to understand and do such advanced course work? Now, you know why it's best to ignore the desperate hysterics of certain posters.

 White Republican woman decided to enroll in a CRT course at the University of Mississippi and three CNN correspondents wrote a news story about it and guess what? CRT does anger some White folks.

CNN story proves CRT is a university course and it ticks off Whites

Therefore, CRT cannot possibly be taught in any grade, intermediate or high school. And if any more crazy people claim it is - demand the name and the location of that school.

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I'm not sure what to make of CRT as a subject to be studied because I haven't found an actual curriculum to examine.

But what I do know is that the TERM "CRT/Critical Race Theory" is being used by racist Whites and Conservatives of all races as a catch-all phrase for both Black history and White racism.
Whether a course in elementary, middle, or high school is actually CRT or not (and as most people point out...it's typically a college course) any class that promotes Black historic achievement or details historic racism from Whites is being LABELED Critical Race Theory and targeted to be removed.

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I never looked for a CRT course. While I am keenly interested in the rights of African Americans and Black people in general, I am not a lawyer. 

Since going to law school seemed unlikely, I chose to major in Print and Broadcast Journalism and actually became one. Then at the suggestion of a Dean years later, a business college adjunct. 

I knew little about CRT because it's such an advanced university course it escapes the notice of most. After reading a load of bull about it on other news forums and websites. I researched CRT for a couple of weeks. But discovered as it is with many in this country, the majority of people who swore they knew what CRT is - knew little. 

Which is why I boiled down all the long-winded legalese descriptions of CRT into one boilerplate sentence: Critical Race Theory is a premise that posits skin color and race determine the outcomes of most decisions, laws and behavior in the U.S.

CRT is a university course. Depending on the university law school, there may even be a pre requisite law course. I doubt any public grade, intermediate or high school has such a pre-condition. 



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