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Why must they chase the cat?

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With the latest headline-making scandal involving men in high places who succumb to the primitive gratification of forbidden fruit, I can't help but to again ask myself what possesses men to risk everything, - their careers, their family, their marriages, their reputations, just to indulge their sexual urges and fantasies? And are these high-profile men the exceptions, not the rule? I wonder. Gettin caught doing wrong seems to be the chief deterrent, as opposed to doing the right thing. :unsure:

Apparently, the penis is not satisfied with a good "hand". It prefers to trump the brain and gamble on winning. Women are still the big losers, whether they are the ones being betrayed or the the ones being used. No wonder marriage is in trouble. :huh:

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Hi Cynique is what we seeing today any different that what was going on 50 years ago? Is the behavior of men any different that even 100 years ago, 500 years – ever?

I think the only reason it seems like more of an issue today is that we HAVE to know about it. I could not open a paper, turn or a TV, radio, computer or even my cell phone without learning about Weiner’s stupid tweets.

The far bigger problem is not Weiner’s behavior (adolescent to be sure); but the money and time our media spent covering the issue. The media, not Weiner, is the most pathetic reflection of our culture.

If this issue never hit the airwaves no one else would have known. The wife would have had their baby, Weiner would eventually calm down and it all may have worked itself out. But even if the wife found out it would have been a private personal matter for them to work out.

The pubic airing of everyone’s dirty laundry is perhaps the biggest assault on marriage not the behavior of guys like Weiner.

A middle class man, in a major urban center, has far more options to indulge his freaky predilections than any human before him. He lives in an environment with a large population density and easy transportation giving him greater access to a large number of women willing to do his bidding. Websites and social media make connecting with potential partners a very efficient process.

Clearly a man like Weiner did not even consider getting caught. He was more concerned with showing off his body to other freaky 17 years olds.

Boys will be boys.

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Yeah, "boys" is the operative word here. Because an adult male would be mature enough to foresee the consequences of reckless behavior and realize that, in the end, caving in to infantile temptations is never worth the risk. :huh:

It's easy to make the media the scape goat, but sensationalism doesn't absolve rascals. Just like wayward males have always catered to their primitive urges, the media caters to the wanton curiosity of the masses who are hungry for scandal. The more sophisticated the media, the more accessible is the ongoing luridness that it exposes. :unsure:

We are a decadent society, the perpetrators of our own doom. Religion has failed because hypocrisy permeates it. Money and materialism rule supreme, even as sex intoxicates. We are on a collision course with the fate of ancient Rome. We'll screw ourselves into oblivion if the rampaging weather doesn't get us first. :P

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The media is certainly exacerbating the problem. People see folks like Weiner and think, “Wow I thought I was bad, but I’m not as bad a THAT guy!”

The constant parade of sex scandals not only numbs us to the illicit activity. It indirectly tells us the behavior must be normal, as it appears that so many powerful people are doing it. If Bill Clinton can get head in the oval office what is so bad about me getting a hand job in a Korean massage parlor.

The examples are endless. We lost count of how many women Tiger was banging on the side. Married, high profile politicians having babies out of wedlock seem to be the norm.

Add this to the fact that the ghetto culture more and more of us are being raised in teaches us that the more women you can get pregnant, the more of a man you are.

Again I assert the media tends to promote this activity by sharing it as if it was “newsworthy”. Perhaps if we had more stories about happy, monogamous marries people would give that a shot or at least believe it is a viable goal.

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Well, it depends on whether or not the media encourages sexual indiscretions or exposes them. You and many others contend that such behavior is nothing new and has always been going on, and that it's just the wide spread "outing" of it that's new.

Do womanizers and sexual predators need inspiration to be what they are, or would they engage in their illicit activites whether they see such conduct being sensationalized or not? "Boys will be boys", y'all claim.

If the media stopped glorifying the "baby daddy lifestyle", would this put an end to it??

Placing all the blame on the media relieves parents of the responsibilities they shun after having given birth to a generation of amoral kids who surrender to the peer pressure that produces a collective mind-set where there is no concept of shame.

We are in deep shit for many reasons.

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"We are in deep shit for many reasons." Tru dat!

I am not suggesting the media attention is solely to blame. I'm saying the media’s obsessive attention helps send the message that everyone -- even the rich and famous are doing it too.

Entertaining the idea that the media would stop its coverage is an exercise in futility. It is simply too lucrative.

We are indeed witnessing a culture in decline.

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